Saturday, 31 August 2013

Intended of Government for Southern of Thailand no further prosperity.

Today with the southern view, found that 2.2 million government 's loan for the project high-speed train between Chiang Mai and Korat assuming done in 7 years.

Another seven years later, the money to do so, assumes that again expansion for China and Nong Khai.

The next 15 years do not have any money to develop the south of Thailand. And This was already lacked for 11-12 years ago.

According to the Politic history book, in a western named that Colonial and underdeveloped state of the country.

And call "Rebellion for Development"

Administration of justice requires it fairness.
This feeling acknowledged in Yugoslavia, for only 25 years. Then the country has been cracked into six countries caused there are vulnerable.

If the government has planed to develop the Southern and people. Government must say how value or limit of budget.

It is unfair and cruel. to intend to make this area permanently be very poor.

Thank for Arjan Somkiat Osotsapa

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