Saturday, 17 August 2013

Thief pretended to be a Priest in Thailand

Please share this, for more warning for everyone who lives in Thailand. 

There is a story, to leave it for a parable.  

If you travel to any other province around Thailand. Then you found someone waved the car. For asking to be a passenger and need a lift. Be careful and some area are risk.! Please do not stop easily but please try to find some other ways to help.!

Because of yesterday morning, I was with my brother, we were driving to Nongkai Province to go to Lao . While we drove by farming out for another 20 km to reach the border office. I found one priest who hitchhiker alongside my car. But I did not stop there at once. I did run out far away. Because of my car was high speeds, but just decided to fall back to him. I really think he might need helps.

The priest about age at 30 years who was younger than me, and I  was told to go to the temple named by him and stated many temple which over there or over those with unclear place. At that time I was reluctant because in the car have some value assets. It needs to take to present my client about their work in Laos.

But with the poor situation of a priest and I decided to "take risks" took him into the car and sit at back seat.

Priest has a strange parlance off the roundabout. He talk about Dhumma Policy with unclear knowledge and I saw he hided his thine hands, like when there's something hidden in his sack bag. I started not to trust this priest. 

During the secluded alley, he told me to turn car into a little soi and his counterparts were waiting there. (A priest! But have counterparts I just ... wondered and did not supporter his idea or act)

I said that I do not get it? I am concerned for what I like. And warning him that he wanted to go with me  better to go with my question. He doesnot need men to get him, I am a cop, I can take him to the bus garage which my supervisor that have located. His face started to change the color. I was quickly rush a car. 

(Between try to get win situation and then it's cut off from his guards to greet us).

Soon I turned into a familiar alley parking garage at the crowd and told Monk that I invited to leave my car. There were police officer standing around who are my co worker. He reluctantly agreed to do. So I asked himself whether He would leave my car or what to ....? 

Never finished my question that he quickly turned into a blessing, that "He should not come with me" .

But during that period he turn himself I saw. It is clear that he has the knife! 

Oh, OMG.. I have more than 10 minutes in the car to sort this with him, at the mechanic exactly like in the movie! Best done just threaten him! I was threatened that I almost died. I talked to the staff at the radio. He said that as a "deacon" that traps the poor fool who stops to take him alone. Where they waited to plunder! 

A regular point before crossing the border. If a girl or woman their were being raped by them.  But for me,  I am not afraid of that raped.... lol.

And this road is often because of for what happened. It is easy to run over to the other countries, so it is very easy to do!

Many people think that a priest by day time and still nothing more to be careful, if then you need to help, the best solution we have inclement hitchhiker to say that "Please stay on this area or please be pending here. We'll help coordinate police to helps or let police help him to get where he wanted. 

"tell the friends and people you love too!"

Thanks to a FB Page Sharing.
By Guan Leng.

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