Friday, 16 August 2013

Nightmares or Fable?

Nightmares or Fable? 

Early afternoon .. Once upon a time, on the clock in the National Assembly of Thailand.  7.5 thousand per house! .. We delve into the wonderful Swiss overthrew its well ... 

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The sad! Watch Price 05.07 billion Congress already died.

The funny story of current Thai government has been cheated National budget and consumed of office decoration buy the wall hanging watch with expensive price at 75,000 Baht/ piece or approximately Euro 1807.23 per one piece!!! 

Now within one month it has already died

This kind of story now appeared in every Parliament but must more cases in Thailand. The statement of the officer that. The Parliament set up wall watch with over 200 houses which is a house is a clock with special features that made them can meet at any time of the actual house. 

Reasoning out, if there is any clock that you watched in one house would be shut down immediately. And other can tell the days of foreign and tells you the temperature too. But sadly it is more expensive than that to 70,000 to 80,000 per clock in other formats. Where the price is cheaper, I can see the time, date, month and year are not the same. This is the declaration of on government minister. 

Latest, it was found a Congress clock died down. In addition, participants expressed their mourning lot like the behalf that Manop Sae-aue has commented. "Send it to a novice prayer! Some 3" a user called "Si-moun Grieder" has commented. "Why such a short life, it just had been born. The price to make gift, to let it been born extremely expensive. " 

Ha ha ha 

Source of Ref; News: News.

Checking the source of gift making houses, having found 2 units shop houses import Parliament clock to Thailand. See Picture … Very look reliable to Thai government until get the contract to be born the short life clock. 

Companies like Precious Times Trading Limited both companies purchased 200 houses worth 15 million baht of government that is critical currents in society is now criticized 

The company is located at No. 2 units shophouses 143/613-614 Baromratchonnanee. Arun Amarin Rd, Bongkok Noi, Bangkok 10700.

Company Precious Times Trading Ltd has imported a British watch brand watches Bodet LCD digital Cristalys Ellipse, which check the website.  find a house price at 602.70 euros (tax included) or about 25,000 baht

From Vanguard News.

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