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Big day ‘ruined’ by wedding cake from hell - Facebook fans should read this.

This story came from my favorite news provider 

And they claimed that with more readers than any newspaper in Cumbria, breaking local and national news, events, TV and entertainment, sport and business news for Cumbria and the North" I also agreed to them..... read this story you will feel like me that love to read this news. It was made me smile for a half and hour. !!

Celia and John, a halt-whistle couple have had their wedding reception ‘ruined’ by a shocking wedding cake. Celia and John Gustard married at Gretna Green on the 27 July, but were appalled to see the state of the cake they had set their hearts on.

The couple, both keen bikers, wanted their wedding cake to resemble stacked tyres, as well as some cupcakes to match. Celia had planned for her cake to be made by a reputable cake maker in Morecambe, but when they became ill and unable to work, she looked for another option. She found some recommendations through Facebook and after extensive research she decided on Cake Bakes of Carlisle, owned by Emma Briggs. "How the cake should of looked"

Celia says: “I contacted Emma and met her to discuss the cake that I wanted, told her of the previous person’s illness and that I would forward a photo of the cake to Emma via email. I also sent Emma the telephone number of the original baker to enable Emma to contact and discuss how to make the cake, what ingredients I decided on, the type of decorative ingredients and to ask anything else she wanted to know. Emma told me that she was confident she could make and present me with a stunning wedding cake and I kept in touch with her throughout. 

However, on her wedding day, her husband-to-be called her down to view the cake as she was getting ready. Excited, Celia went down in her dressing gown and rollers to be presented with the ‘monstrosity’ of a cake. “The cake icing was cracked and torn,” says Celia, “and the cake was leaning over to the left, smelled rancid and was an horrific sight to see. The cupcakes also stank and were not what I asked for. Emma said that she would take the whole lot away and  the cake. 

I told her that I was not at all happy and would not pay her the £135 asking price. She left and I finished getting ready to be married.” Later that day after the couple were married, they returned to their reception venue to find the cake, still in the same state (only with some black ribbon added round the joins of the cake) sitting on the beautifully decorated table with roses and their expensive cake topper decorating the cake. The cake on display at the wedding reception" 

Celia said: “I was so shocked, embarrassed and unhappy. We could not bring ourselves to cut and share such an embarrassingly, appalling cake; denying our guests, absent friends and family members, the traditional wedding cake.” 

Celia complained on Cake Bakes’ Facebook page, including a photo of the cake, and received messages from previous customers saying they had had similar experiences but their complaints had been removed from the Facebook page. cake collapsed even more"  

Celia later listed the cake on eBay as a joke, but received over a hundred messages and even 11 bids. She removed the listing as she did not think the cake was safe to eat, but was still overwhelmed by the amount of supportive messages she received.

“We still have the cake and are wondering how to dispose of it, along with the equally disgusting cupcakes she made us” said Celia. “We were thinking of a cremation this weekend!”

Ref : Cumbria Crack: News for Penrith, Appleby, Eden Valley, Keswick, Workington, Whitehaven, Maryport, Barrow, Kendal, Carlisle, Lake District- UK

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