Saturday, 27 February 2016

New Born Baby was found buried alive in Kon Kean Pvc.

Newborn baby was found buried alive  with stab marks 14 wound.  It's a miracle to survive when people found the baby and taken to hospital medical team to help raise the baby fully sq. Prepare for finding the brutal parents.

On Feb. 24, the hospital center in Khon Kaen. Dr. Chan Chai Monday Varachai Gul. Assistant district hospital center in Khon Kaen. Media interviews to treat male babies are transferred from the hospital Waeng Yai Khon Kaen. That hospital center in Khon Kaen. Newborn to receive this treatment at approximately 21:00 pm., 

On examination of the body found Infants weighing 2000 g. with about 40 cm expected birth three days with a perfect body. The body of the 14 stab wounds, including some deep wounds punctured lung. The leak in the pleura space. The medical team quickly diagnosed with tracheal incubation and mechanical ventilation. Cable input ventilation from the pleura space. The laparotomy To cut the abdominal membrane And wound dressing No water, no food solution And intravenous antibiotics Children feel good While this is still in critical condition. But the medical team to treat newborn male infants closely. Besides the 14 stab wounds punctured lungs until then. It has been brought to burial. Fortunately, the child did not die.

Baby assault course Infants and children with a perfect body is a full 32 gestational age birth to maturity is reached. But birth Cut the umbilical cord with a knife. And not tied by an umbilical cord to the medical hospital midwife that parents of children accidentally killed himself. And thought to be dead, so I buried the baby alive. It is embedded in the ball itself. The police officers. Waeng Yai expedite investigations mother was cruel to prosecution as soon as possible.

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